Jesse C.

Owner and Operator of Heart and Soul Tattoo Company, LLC. 

Jesse was taught from an early age to allow his creativity to shine. He was given paper and pencils to draw the things he wanted to color because his mother was taught that coloring books could stunt a child’s creativity. His interest in art continued to grow; by age 9, he was taking airbrush lessons. His desire to create art on anything he could led him to experiment and attempt to master different media - oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pen & ink, markers, airbrush, and spray paint. As an adult, he continues to work in multiple mediums and has left his artistic signature on a variety of “canvasses”. He has custom-painted motorcycles and automobiles, and customized others with graphics and lettering in vinyl. He has been commissioned for large-scale, graffiti-style murals on businesses in his hometown of King George, to include Mary’s Cakery and Candy Kitchen, Professional Plumbing Solutions Inc., the Lady Foxes dugout at KGHS, and King George Tire. Jesse has also been sought out for commissioned fine art portraits and other custom works on canvas.    

Jesse's love for tattoos set in early in life. He admired the human canvas and recognized tattooing as a form of expression that allowed people to share their stories through the art that they ‘wear’. He picked up a tattoo machine in 2001 and started honing his craft. Jesse was licensed by Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation when it became mandatory in 2006. Throughout his career, he has worked in shops from Detroit to Virginia Beach. The exposure to different artists, areas, and local trends inspired Jesse to become as versatile and well-rounded as possible. He can knock out a traditional piece, move on to a New School tattoo, and polish the day off with West Coast black and grey or script without hesitation. His dedication to tattooing drives him to constantly grow. He loves to specialize in big, bright color pieces and fine-line black and grey. He can be described as an artist that lives to put the art first and is proud to help others tell their stories through his art.